Class Descriptions


This 60-90 minute class is designed for 2, 3 & 4 year old boys and girls as a pre-curser to the Ballet and Tap programs. Overall emphasis is on having fun while learning coordination, balance, rhythm, musical counting, self-confidence, muscle isolation and development, taking turns and following directions. Students will be exposed to multiple movements and musical styles. Students in this class will be introduced to elements in the Ballet and Tap programs. Students will learn simple choreography to be performed for family and friends at year end.  Ages 2-4. No experience necessary.


Students have the opportunity to learn a variety of genres including tap, poms, hip hop, and lyrical.  These classes will focus on learning technique and terminology in each of the classes.  Students will build self confidence in a fun environment while learning.  Each class will learn choreography to share with their family and friends at the end of the year recital.  Ages 5-8. No experience necessary.


Students will begin learning introductory skills including back bends, cartwheels, roundoffs, walkover and limbers (both front and back.)  These moves are the building blocks for all future tumbling skills.  They will learn stretching skills to keep them safe.  Ages 5-8.  No experience necessary


Students will build upon the skills they learned in youth tumbling.  They can execute all the previous skills independently, without a spot.  In this class, they will learn handsprings (both front and back), walkovers, and begin learning basic partner skills.  Ages 9 and up.  Prerequisite: Youth tumbling or equivalent skills.


Students will continue learning new skills.  They can execute all previous skills independently.  Students will begin working on tucks, aerials, and other power moves.  Students will learn how to partner safely, and will work on stunting.  Ages 9 and up.  Prerequisite: Intermediate tumbling or equivalent skills.

BALLET-1 Ages 5-8

Students will learn terminology, rhythm, coordination, and basic positions of the feet and arms. They will learn 1st position, 2nd position, and 4th position (forward and back). Students will be introduced to Battement, Tendu, and Demi Plié, at barre and centre. These two exercises are the building blocks for all other exercises. Two additional exercises, Battement Jete and Relevé demi-pointe, will also be introduced. Ages 5-8. No experience necessary.

BALLET–2 Ages 8-10

Students will build upon all exercises and techniques learned in Beginner Ballet. Students will be introduced Adagio, Ronds de Jambee, Grand Battement, Sauté in 1st, 2nd, and 5th positions. In addition, students will learn stretching exercises at barre, which will help them to perfect their leg extensions. In centre, they will be introduced to a higher level of exercises including Jeté. Ages 6-10. No experience necessary.

BALLET–3 Ages 10-12

Students will concentrate on graceful movements, expression, and musical understanding. They will build strength, coordination, and technique while being introduced to advanced steps and combinations, including.  They will also be required to learn short variations in centre, be able to execute two pirouettes on the right and left sides, and be able to demonstrate 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th arabesque.  Prerequisite: Ballet-2.

BALLET–4 Ages 13 and up

Students will concentrate on technique and variations.  They will also be required to learn variations in centre, be able to execute two pirouettes on the right and left sides, and be able to demonstrate more advanced skills..  Prerequisite: Ballet-3.


Students learn tap-rhythm and timing. Class consists of warm-up, center, and across the floor training. Proper terminology and musicality is stressed. Students learn shuffles, flaps, time steps, buffalo, hops, drawbacks, cramp rolls, and basic turns. Students learn dance routines to all types of music. Ages 5 and up. No experience necessary.


Students learn more tap-rhythms, sounds, and combinations. Students progress with riffs, pullbacks, time steps, complex turns, and extensive warm-up. Students will demonstrate the ability to build speed while keeping the clarity of their taps clean. Add all this to more complicated combinations and intricate dance routines, and this becomes a fun and challenging class.  Prerequisite: Beginner Tap.


This class brings together lyrical, jazz and great music. Class format consists of a warm-up to enhance core strengthening, balance, and extensions through isolations, rhythmic exercises, and floor stretches. Class includes across the floor patterns and short dance routines. Students study jazz and lyrical techniques, and learn to build complex combinations and routines.


These classes are for intermediate to advanced dancers who are proficient in classical ballet technique. Warm-up exercises will focus on improving flexibility, extension, core strength, and balance. Center work will include both lyrical and contemporary steps and combinations. Combinations will incorporate the technical elements of ballet with jazz and modern movements. Students will learn how to express a wide range of emotions through their dance based on musical interpretation. Contemporary combinations will consist of abstract movements that combine modern and classical ballet elements. Students will learn how to quickly change tempo and create sharp and clean transitions.


Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music which has evolved as part of hip hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping which were created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the United States. Students will begin learning hip hop fundamentals. Hip hop moves are broken down for dancers. Then, students’ knowledge of hip hop fundamentals will be expanded upon by explaining and demonstrating various techniques and methods. Students will be exposed to multiple styles of hip hop dance. Original choreography will be taught, allowing students to discover their own hip hop style in a stress-free and fun environment, encouraging confidence building, independent creativity, and teamwork. No experience necessary.


These classes were created for boys, taught by boys.  These classes will give boys self confidence in a place where creativity and freedom of expression run free.  The boys will learn how to count music and basic dance choreography in hip hop, and work on flexibility in tumbling.  Both classes will perform in the end of the year recital.  Ages 5-10.  No experience necessary.